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Dirty Bomb - Radiation, Radioactivity and the Effects


It is well publicised that the threat of an indiscriminate terrorist attack has increased to the UK and that one possible mode of attack is a radiological ‘dirty bomb’ or radiological dispersal device. This type of device is designed to spread radioactive contamination over a wide area using conventional explosives. The effects of such a device, if detonated, would be at a minimum to cause considerable disruption and public concern, and potentially severe injury or death. There is also the possibility of a terrorist group planting a highly radioactive source in a public place – a so called passive device.


We have identified a growing need for a specific training course describing the facts about the potential effects and consequences of a dirty bomb or passive radioactive source scenario.

This course has been designed for organisations that need an understanding of the risks and effects associated with a radiological device. Specifically local authorities, insurance companies, risk management organisations and organisations with offices and facilities in ‘high risk’ areas will benefit from more information on the potential effects of radiation and radioactive contamination on people and the environment.


The course content covers:

• What is a dirty bomb?
• The difference between a dirty bomb and a nuclear bomb;
• Radiation and radioactive contamination;
• The effects of acute radiation exposure on persons exposed;
• The methods that can be used to protect workers and the public against radiological exposure.
• The consequences to the environment and clean up issues

The course will include practical simulation exercises utilising specialised training aids in radiation protection.

This course can be run at your premises or at our own facilities.


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Course Duration: 1/2 Day

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