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External Radiation Exposure and X-rays

This one day course covers the principles of protection against external radiation sources, for example x-rays. It covers protection against x-rays used for the purposes of radiography and research, and also covers the law governing work with x-rays. This includes the IRR17 requirement for generic authorisations, restriction of exposure and the requirement for a critical assessment.

The course provides a general introduction to radiological protection, covering topics such as atomic structure and radioactivity, units of radioactivity and radiation, biological effects of radiation, radiation in perspective (in terms of doses received), external radiation hazards.

After this, the Principles of Protection of exposure to external sources of radiation such as radiography and x-ray generating equipment are covered in detail along with Measurement of Radiation and Personal Dosimetry.

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 are covered, so all course delegates can demonstrate that they have received core training for those persons working with ionising radiation.

This course is designed for those who require a good background knowledge in basic radiological protection, yet who only work with external sources of radiation such as radiography sources and x-ray sets. This specialisation enables us to concentrate in more detail on the aspects of radiological protection relevant to external sources only.


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Price (ex. VAT): £320.00

Course Duration: 1 Day

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**During the current global COVID-19 health crisis, we can provide virtual training*, via video conference, for Radiation Awareness (RA), Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), Radiation Protection Supervisor Refresher (RPSR), Basic Radiation Protection (BRP), Radiation Protection Supervisor (for X-Rays) across all sectors. ***

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