Radiation Safety Training Online

We are delighted to now be able to offer radiation protection course online.

Our courses have all been written by accredited Radiation Protection Advisers with the aim to provide high class quality assured radiation training over the web. It is a valuable tool to employers who require a flexible quality assured training programme to meet their exact needs.

All delegates purchasing the training will log on to the course in their own workspace through www.radiationtraining.co.uk, undergo interactive demonstrations and will have to pass an assessment at the end of each module to demonstrate their understanding. At the same time, delegates have access to support from an accredited Radiation Protection Adviser to help wherever needed in order to successfully complete the course as part of the package.

The courses are fully interactive and assessed; the quality will be assessed through telephone audits with the delegates. We have provided the answers to the most common questions regarding this online basic radiological training, click here for Q&A.

Courses available to book online are:

Basic Radiation Protection Course

This course is the online basic radiological protection course. It is a legal requirement to ensure that all employees have appropriate training when their work may involve work with or exposure to ionising radiation. This online training course will enable companies with large numbers of employees to receive training remotely, thus providing an economic effective quality assured programme for individuals who can undertake the training at their own convenience. The cost of the course is £250 per delegate excluding VAT.

  • Fully assessed
  • Certificate provided on successful completion
  • Access to accredited RPA advice for the duration of the course
  • Only £250 per head excluding VAT
  • Full course booklet in PDF format to print off and keep

The course covers:

  • Nature of Ionising Radiation 
    - Radioactive Decay 
    - Different Types of Ionising Radiations 
    - Penetrating Properties of Radiation 
    - Penetrating Properties of Ionising Radiation through Tissue 
    - Half-Life 
    - Ionisation
  • Units of Ionising Radiation 
    - Radiation Dose 
    - Dose rate 
    - Units of Radioactivity
  • Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation 
    - Acute and Chronic Radiation Exposure 
    - Radiation Effects 
    - Radiation in Perspective 
  • External and Internal Radiation Hazards 
    - External Radiation Hazards 
    - Internal Radiation Hazards 
    - Radioactive Contamination 
  • Measurement of Ionising Radiation 
    - Selecting an Instrument
    - Monitoring Techniques 
  • Personal Dosimetry 
    - External Dosimetry 
    - Internal Dosimetry
  • The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17)
    - Risk Assessment
    - Restriction of Exposure 
    - Dose Limits 
    - Classified Persons 
    - Radiation Protection Adviser
    - Training 
    - Designation of Areas 
    - Local Rules 
    - Outside Workers and Entering Controlled Areas 
    - Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)
    - Monitoring 
    - Storage and Accounting for Radioactive Substances 
    - Other UK Legislation 

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