Appointment of a suitable Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)

Appointment of a suitable Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)
  • Every radiation employer must appoint an RPA for the purposes of securing compliance with IRR17
  • It is the responsibility of the radiation employer to select an RPA who has knowledge and experience for the employer’s type of work
  • New legislation states that all RPAs must possess a certificate of competence from an assessing body in order to be able to legally act as an RPA 


Radiation Employer Guide: steps to take when appointing an RPA

  • Ensure that the RPA holds a valid certificate from an RPA assessing body.
  • Request a CV from the RPA to ensure that they have knowledge and experience relevant to your needs.
  • Document the appointment in writing. Ensure that the scope of the work and expectations of the RPA are clearly stated.

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